Tell the Truth Evangelism Course

Tell the Truth Evangelism Class (T3) is a course designed to encourage, equip, and exhort believers of all maturity levels and experience to personally share the saving message of the gospel with unbelievers in a biblically accurate and personally winsome way. One major goal is to build confidence for sharing the gospel regardless of one’s personality or giftedness, with an emphasis on faithful obedience and prayerful dependence on Christ. We desire that every student be encouraged to see and experience that God uses ordinary believers to do extraordinary things in His kingdom, for their joy, to the glory of God. We hope that every student will be encouraged to grow in this spiritual privilege, that they gain confidence through practical knowledge, and have courage to reach out to others in light of God’s sovereign grace. “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise wins souls.” – Proverbs 11:30

The class requires faithful attendance and a humble, teachable heart – No previous evangelism experience required! After an orientation to the class, there is a brief 2-session pre-class course using Way of the Master Evangelism by Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron. This is an introductory lesson to spur us into thinking about God’s call to us in outreach.

Afterwards, T3 officially begins its biweekly class lectures/discussions that build upon the assigned chapter of reading in The Gospel & Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever. Alternating weeks with these sessions, the class will work though Two Ways to Live evangelism course as a group and memorize the presentation. There will be various encouragements to practice and share the gospel with specific unbelieving friends in each student’s life. We will be praying for those we desire God to bring to saving faith, and discussing ways we can put into practice and obedience our call as Christians to reach others in the name and love of Christ.

Currently, T3 encompasses 15 sessions covering the following topics

  1. Lecture #1 – “The Importance of Evangelism”
  2. Practice #1 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 1
  3. Lecture #2 – “Getting the Gospel Right”
  4. Practice #2 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 2
  5. Lecture #3 – “The Person God Uses”
  6. Practice #3 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 3
  7. Lecture #4 – “How to Communicate Personally”
  8. Practice #4 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 4
  9. Lecture #5 – “God-Centered Witnessing”
  10. Practice #5 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 5
  11. Lecture #6 – “Follow-up & Disciplemaking”
  12. Practice #6 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 6
  13. Lecture #7 – “Handling Common Objections”
  14. Practice #7 – 2 Ways 2 Live, Lesson 7
  15. Conclusion – “Let the Nations Be Glad” (Review & Testimony)

Required Texts:

Suggested Supplemental Reading: