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james.leeJames Lee serves as our senior pastor or primary teaching elder. As a lifelong Southern California resident, the vast majority in Orange County, he started attending church in late elementary school when his father came to saving faith. Meanwhile, James had been running hard away from God, not to Him. But several years later, James too, was convicted of his sinful rebellion, overwhelmed by grace, and providentially came to know and trust Christ as Lord and Savior. His life was never the same again. He came to genuinely love the Creator, Bible, and Church he formerly had so despised. With a new heart and new eyes, God was no longer far away, but lovingly near. And forgiveness wasn’t earned, nor lost, but mercifully paid for, humbly received, and divinely preserved, not because of James, but because of Jesus. While James had various spiritual struggles and failures, the Lord never let him go. Then during his college years with the Navigators, he continued to grow in learning to share his faith on campus, mentor younger believers, and trust the Lord in leading others as a painfully shy young man. Most formative, was the personal impact of godly people in his life, and the profound influence that a new love of books in seeking to equip himself had in shaping his character and thinking. It was during the latter part of his undergraduate studies, that God called James to pastoral ministry, despite his initial resistance, with the encouragement and confirmation of fellow believers, notably his local church pastors. James graduated from UCLA in 1996 (B.A. History), then from Talbot Theological Seminary in 2000 (Master of Divinity), and received Biblical Counseling training at IBCD.  Prior to coming to Lighthouse, James served as a youth pastor, church planting intern, associate pastor, and upon the advice of a late spiritual mentor, worked 2 valuable years in the marketplace, before entering full-time ministry. He is an ordained minister of the Southern Baptist Convention, and loves whenever an opportunity is given to serve overseas, having gone on mission trips to Japan, China, Mexico, Korea, Czech Republic, London, and India. He lives in humbled gratitude for the gospel partnerships that our church enjoys with other local churches and believers, as we corporately worship and labor to the glory of God and the joy of all nations. James married his wonderful wife, Sandy, in 2005, and they have 3 cherished children, son Tobias, daughter Piper, and daughter Kristyn. Outside his passion for the Lord Himself, God’s Word, and the faithful proclamation of the good news of the gospel by ordinary children of God like himself, James loves spending time with his family, reading books, playing sports, bodyboarding at his favorite break, relaxing outdoors, and cheering on his favorite local teams, the Angels, Ducks, Clippers, and UCLA Bruins!

Pastoral Resident / Intern Associate

My name is Jonathan Yang, and I serve as our pastoral resident.  I grew up in Temple City (in the San Gabriel Valley) under the loving, sacrificial care of my wonderful mother and fellow triplet siblings (I’m one of three!)   From kindergarten on, I was raised in a faithful church and loving family, but it was in college at UCSD that God took the knowledge that I’d been exposed to early on and allowed it be understood and grasped by my rebellious and stubborn heart. In His gracious sovereignty, unrelenting kindness, and patient love, God used His Word read, preached, and lived out by genuine believers, and other factors to teach me that He alone was God, and that in His holiness, I fully deserved death and condemnation for the weight of sin in my heart, thoughts, and life against my Creator and Maker.  He showed me the extent of His grace in sending His perfect, righteous, and beloved Son to live the life I could never live and die the death that I fully deserved to die.  While I was still a sinner, His enemy, Christ died for me, and my life and hope are now in my crucified, risen and exalted King.  After graduating from UCSD in 2009 with a degree in Structural Engineering, I began studying at the Master’s Seminary in 2011 and graduated in 2015.  God has been gracious to surround me with godly men and leaders to grow with and learn from, and precious church families at LBCSD and LBCLA, and I’m so grateful now to be here with the church family at LBCOC. Of the gracious gifts that God gives, I enjoy tasty food, good coffee (I also work at a coffee shop called Cafe Dulce!), music, and ice cream.   In my spare time, you’ll find me with my family, friends, and my wonderful girlfriend Julia enjoying one or some of those things!

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