Jones Family

Our beloved overseas missionaries, Todd & Esther Jones, have faithfully served with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2002 in both the U.S. and abroad, and Lighthouse Bible Church Orange County has been privileged to be one of their prayer and financial supporters since 2003.   They have 4 children, Caleb, Alethia, Bentley, and Danielle.

Todd contributes to the overall task of Bible translation through linguistic software development. As a linguistic software developer, Todd writes computer programs that Bible translators use on the field to more quickly and accurately translate God’s Word for others.  Esther ministers as a classroom translator and spiritual mentor for linguistics students training to become overseas missionaries, with her greatest contribution as a loving wife and mother.


About Wycliffe


The Remaining Task
More than 380 million people worldwide still need God’s Word in their language. At the current rate of translation, they would have to wait for another 100 to 150 years. That’s too long!

Vision 2025
Wycliffe’s mission is to assist the church in making disciples of all nations through Bible translation. Our vision is to see translation in progress among every language group that needs it by 2025.

JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people. Todd and Esther Jones are Wycliffe missionaries presently serving somewhere in East Asia as an extension of JAARS.

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How you can be involved


Prayer cannot be overestimated. It launches the work of Bible translation, and it continues to move the work forward. Your prayers empower us to work, encourage us to persevere through the challenges, and keep us focused and God-centered.

Wycliffe is a faith mission. All Wycliffe missionaries are not salaried but must look to God to provide for all our needs through His church and people. You can partner with us in this vital ministry by:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
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