Fundamentals of the Faith

Sign up for the next class regularly offered during the 1st hour Adult Sunday School with Pastor James as we study and discuss the essential beliefs and doctrines of Christianity.

Fundamentals of the Faith (FOF) is a study and general survey of the essential doctrines of the historic, orthodox Christian Faith designed to help believers of all maturity levels to acquire, deepen, and clarify their understanding on the foundational doctrines and commitments of our Christian faith. While designed mainly to equip God’s people in knowing and articulating their faith in Christ, any individual who is willing to wrestle with the truths of Christianity is welcome as our beloved guest and friend. The study is organized to hit upon major points of biblical truth with the greatest emphasis on the Word of God, the Nature of God, the Person of Christ, and the Doctrine of Salvation. While the class will cover the essential truths, it is not meant to be a completely comprehensive study as the great subject matter is far beyond the time and scope of this course. Nor will we be able to cover every topic a student has interest in. Nevertheless, it will serve as a sufficient foundation and springboard in the hunger for further intimate knowledge of the God of grace who has revealed Himself to us clearly in the pages of Scripture. Thus, the Bible is the source and standard for all that is taught in this course. It alone is authoritative and sufficient for what we need to know.

The accompanying workbook Fundamentals of the Faith on which this course is based, is a student manual of thirteen lessons which blend basic biblical truths with personal obedience and service. This manual has already helped thousands of people in many churches and languages around the world to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, and it can help you in the same way.   You will not regret this journey in learning about our great God.  The class is open to any person wanting to join the study. Additionally, successful completion of FOF is a requirement for any person desiring to potentially serve in either/both any teaching ministry or leadership role at Lighthouse Bible Church, be it service as a children’s ministry teacher or an elder. Regardless, we invite all to join us in our study.

Currently, FOF encompasses 15 lectures/discussions taught by our elders covering the following theological subjects:

  1. Importance of Doctrine
  2. Introduction to the Bible: Inerrancy, Canonicity, & Characteristics
  3. Art & Science of Hermeneutics: How to Study & Interpret the Bible
  4. Attributes of God, Pt. 1: Incommunicable
  5. Attributes of God, Pt. 2: Communicable
  6. Triunity of God
  7. Person & Work of Christ
  8. Radical Depravity of Man
  9. Justification by Faith Alone
  10. Glorious Grace of Sovereign Election
  11. Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts
  12. The Biblical Church & Body Life
  13. Biblical Sanctification & Spiritual Disciplines
  14. Biblical Decision-Making & God’s Will
  15. The Return of Christ & End Times

Successful graduation from FOF (credit students) requires workbook completion, bi-weekly reading assignments, biweekly extra credit quizzes, and a take-home, open-notes final exam.

Required Texts:

Suggested Supplemental Reading: