What do I wear? Is there a “dress code” that I should be aware of?
There is no dress code for our people as we are far more concerned about a person’s heart attitude and spiritual state than outward dress. Our members come to reverently worship the Lord in various styles of clothing. If you are not a follower of Christ, please just come as you are, as we care about you, not what you wear.

Which translation of the Bible is used at Lighthouse?
There are a number of reliable English translations of the Holy Scriptures that are represented in our congregation, and we understand that each person should carefully discern their preferred choice of translation. Feel free to bring your own choice of translation. While our pastors primarily preach out of the English Standard Version (ESV), we also highly recommend the New American Standard Bible (NAS), Holman Christian Bible (HCB), or New King James Version (NKJ). Why? We gravitate toward a philosophy of translation that allows as much as possible for students to do the rewarding work of interpretation themselves rather than rely on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the translator or translating committee. Nevertheless, there are many trustworthy translations available on the market, and we recognize that each has its own strengths, weaknesses, & methodology. Our goal is not to battle over which translation is “best”, rather it is to accurately understand and immerse ourselves in the Word that it would conform us more and more into the image of His Son. The pastors would be happy to answer any questions you might have about translations and criteria for selecting one. If you are in need of a Bible, the church would be glad to give a complimentary copy as a gift to you.

How is the church leadership organized and governed at LBC?
Lighthouse Bible Church is an elder rule congregation shepherded by a plurality of qualified, tested, and godly men subject and accountable to the head of the church, Christ Jesus the Lord, and to the authority of God’s Word. Elders must continually meet the standards of godly servant-leadership set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Our elders are assisted by the deacons and deaconesses with the rest of the church, doing ministry together (Ephesians 4:11-16). It is the congregation’s responsibility to pray for their leaders, obey their leaders, be equipped serving alongside them in ministry with their leaders, and to encourage and exhort them towards spiritual excellence in the home, in the church, and as witnesses to a lost world (Hebrews 13:17).

How can I become a member of Lighthouse Bible Church of Orange County?
Scripturally, every true Christian is a member of the Body of Christ, the Church. Therefore, every person who possesses and practices genuine faith is welcomed as a member of Christ’s family. Therefore, local church membership is not ultimately an issue of salvation, but it is clearly an issue of Christian obedience. Therefore, while not making official membership mandatory except for leaders & teachers, we exhort all who profess themselves true believers who are in regular attendance to express love for Christ by submitting themselves to the privilege and responsibility of local church commitment and place themselves under the formal authority and care of the elders. If you are interested in becoming a member, we invite you to discuss it with one of our leaders who are committed to your soul’s welfare and would be delighted to serve you.

How may I give financially to the work of ministry at Lighthouse?
There is no obligation for our guests or those who are presently unsure about the Christian faith to give. But for those who profess faith in Christ, you may practice Biblical stewardship during Sunday Worship by placing a cash or check contribution during the offering time or by sending a gift via mail or to the church office of Lighthouse Bible Church. Please make checks payable to “Lighthouse Bible Church” or “LBCOC”. A yearly tax-deductible receipt will be issued upon request. Persons with total annual contributions of $100 or more will automatically be receiving a tax receipt at their last updated home address (unless otherwise requested) or upon request for any amount. Funds are disbursed for the use of church ministry as decided upon by the elders from the general fund. An annual financial report published by our co-treasurers is distributed to our membership for informed accountability and prayer. Contributions designated for a particular use or ministry must be approved by the elder board or a committee delegated by the elder board, and gifts made for an individual’s personal agenda will not be accepted as a co-mingling of funds and as unethical practice (i.e. gift to specific individual as “scholarship” will not be accepted in order to receive the benefit of a tax deduction when it should be given as a personal gift). The fiscal year of LBCOC is set as the calendar year.